Cheers Dears!

.:Definition:. {Cocktail} – A Mixture Of Things

When thinking about the word {Cocktail}, most people automatically think of tantalizing beverages, illustrious parties or even a delicately crafted shrimp dish. And these would all be correct! But, in my case I could consider my life as a {Cocktail} of experiences, travel, food, friends and parties.

Why look at life as something ordinary when you can make it extraordinary?

Years ago, my sisters and I decided that an ordinary life could never amount to our extraordinary potential. We couldn’t be ordinary even if we tried, so why be something you are not? Growing up, we were taught that life is extraordinary and you should reach to the farthest ends of the earth to find your happiness, make a difference and truly experience and appreciate every second for what it is and what it teaches you.

Everyone has their own journey through life that has made them who they are, but when you really sit down and think about it none of us are really very different. We all have fears, we fall in and out of love, experience new things, work and try to make life as good as possible during our short time here.

What makes us extraordinary? What makes us different enough to stand out among this giant world? If you know us…it’s pretty clear we will never be Olympians since coordination is not something we were gifted with; we are cute, but not models; and we are smart but Einstein. We  will always be hard heads no matter what our parents say.

A Little Insight About The Waddell Sisters…

                                                               Halie, Katie, Maggie

Katie:. {The Oldest Sister} She is the voice of reason, likes to be bothered by Steven the love of her life, is raising two amazing kids, has the patience of a monk and occasionally likes to instigate trouble, whether she knows it or not.

Maggie:. {The Middle Sister} Planning events is my thing, I have this strange ability to make people uncomfortable at the drop of a hat, I am the classic middle child, I don’t like uneven numbers except for 5’s because they always end up even and I am crazy protective of my family.

Halie:. {The Little Sister} She is a complete free spirit and can get lost in a book for days. She has this ability to see good in everyone, even when we can’t or there is none there, she is easy to forgive and whether I like to admit it or not, probably the biggest risk taker of us all.

After analyzing our lives and realizing how old we were getting , we quickly decided years ago to start something to keep each other on our toes, make us better people, push us to try and do new things, become closer as sisters, and that is exactly what we did.

Our lives quickly turned into one giant continuous {Cocktail} Party. The rules we live by are simple but effective…and we call it “THE TRIFECTA” because there are three rules and three of us! It took a little getting use to, since I ONLY like even numbers but this has made me a fan of the number 3!

Rule #1: Try One New Thing A Week
Rule #2: Have One Adventure A Month
Rule #3: Do One Life Changing Thing A Year

Rule #1 Try One New Thing A Week forces you to step out of your comfort zone and do things you would not normally do. This could be as simple as trying a new food, a new nail polish color, or visiting a park you have never been to before.

Rule #2 Have One Adventure A Month… go on a hike, see a waterfall,  or crush a car with a tank (yeah that’s a real thing, they do that in North Georgia).

Rule #3 Do One Life Changing Thing A Year. This one can be a bit more challenging than the first two that is why you have a year to accomplish it…Set a goal and achieve it, graduate from college, move to a new country, do something kind for someone anonymously (we are not in it for the glory).

This year my baby sister decided she was going to tackle Rule #3 in a big way by moving to Prague to teach ESL as she is a teacher by trade, and I will be joining her to learn about the international event scene because planning parties is what I do.

The Traveling {Cocktail} was created to show you what the world has to offer from traveling across Europe, to drinking Champagne while in a hot air balloon race. I will be documenting all of our exciting travels, adventures, excursions, tasty drinks and events over the next year. We hope that you will join us on this journey of Traveling  {Cocktail}  experiences as we embark on new adventures, experience new things and see what changes our lives will make this year.


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