Hibiscus Champagne

There are many joys in life, but sipping on an exotic {Cocktail} is right up there. I had a girls spa date last week with a friend I have known since elementary school. After a morning of relaxation we headed off to this great little restaurant called, Cafe Intermezzo!

Let me just say, it was fantastic. The atmosphere was incredible. I felt like I was in a little cafe along the streets of Europe. They have outdoor dining with water features and an indoor cafe that is home to some of the most beautiful deserts you can find.

We heard this cafe was known for its tantalizing list of beverages to choose from. The options were never ending from assorted flavors of hot tea, Belgian hazel nut hot chocolate, exotic {Cocktails}, wine and so much more. It was almost overwhelming with the amount of options you could choose from.

I have been on a huge hibiscus kick lately from, raspberry hibiscus pops from King of Pops to hibiscus tea…I can’t get enough. So when I saw they had hibiscus champagne it was a no brainer for me.

When my {Cocktail} arrived it was picture perfect. It was the perfect combination of flavors. The champagne added the right amount of sparkle that every girl needs in her life and the touch of hibiscus made it sweet and elegant. The best surprise was the real hibiscus flower cradling the bottom of the champagne glass releasing the floral aroma with every sip. This {Cocktail} was a game changer and I suggest that everyone try it if you get the chance!


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