What To Drink While In Prague

Fun Fact: Did you know that Beer is cheaper than water in Prague? You can buy a beer for around $2USD but a water will set you back around $5USD.

So as they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans would do?” I suppose that goes for Prague as well. Her are some names of beers that would be served in Prague: Staropramen, Gambrinus, Velkopopovicky Kozel, Budwiser Budavar,and Plzensky Prazdroj.

While my family and I were there many years ago we came across this drink while eating at a local restaurant. When we would ask what the drink was they would just pour us another one. So, after asking 4-5 times with failed communication ,we began to believe the name was Sha-Blinki-Blinki. Lord know’s what that is but it was tasty. I later found the bottle and the name was actually Becherovka which sounds nothing like Sha-Blinki-Blinki. But none the less it was an amazing night, and continues to be a running joke in my family!

I found this link that may be of interest for beer lovers!

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