Bombs Away Budapest

Dear Travel Cocktailers,

Normally, we try to keep our Blog really fun and light-hearted because it’s all about the spirit of adventure and chasing your dreams wherever they may take you in this wide world. Maggie and I were working on counting off a few items on our mutual bucket list this past weekend. We went to a Sparty which is basically a rave in an ancient hot-spring in Budapest. It was amazing, and beautiful, and filled with hot british guys if I am being perfectly honest. We had a blast.

Unfortunately, our night wasn’t the only one with a blast. A local political group decided that the best way to protest an immigration law under review by the Hungarian government was to target police officers. About a block away from our hotel, directly across from where we had eaten dinner earlier that day, two police officers were hit by a homemade nail bomb. One was injured and treated while the other is still fighting for her life.

In America, we talk a lot about terror and the ramifications of Islamic activists. This attack was not in any way related to religious radicals, but it was an act of terror and violence nonetheless. At home, Black Lives Matter is protesting police brutality, and the violence is escalating on both sides. Having literally come out right next to an act of violence and terror on something as innocent as a Sparty vacation for my sister’s birthday, I urge our fellow travelers to stay alert and listen to that little voice inside that tells you when something is not right.

Maggie and I have what we like to call the “No Feeling.” It’s a sensation deep in your gut, a sense of urgency without cause, a negative feeling that makes us question our decisions and surroundings. We felt it this weekend and left the area quickly, opting to use the hotel’s car service rather than walk around in an area we got a bad feeling about. I will always be grateful for that.

Today, Maggie and I are sending happy thoughts and prayers to the officer who is fighting for her life in Budapest right now. If you read this, please send a few as well. I get that world peace is a fairy tale that pageant girls preach. It is naive to believe that we are ever completely safe or free from others’ conflicts. Should that stop us from travelling? No!

We don’t want to bum you guys out or scare you from going abroad, quite the opposite in fact. The more people who go out and share adventures and form connections based on similarities rather than differences, the more we will establish common ground and evolve in a way that can eliminate violent outbursts caused by an inability to express a viewpoint without causing a massive uproar.

Change starts with one person, one place, one time that a situation went differently. So as the world screams out about terror, go hug your neighbor and make new friends from different places. Travel overseas and get the whole picture for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how many people feel like you do and want needless chaos and violence to end.

World peace isn’t just about Miss America anymore. It’s about the Free Hugs Movement. It’s about breaking down barriers, respecting our fellow man, and not boxing ourselves in with the fear of the other.

Budapest was a blast in more ways than one.


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