Gingerbread Museum – Prague

My sister Halie and I spent a month abroad and the largest stent of our stay was in Prague, Czech Republic. While there we experience may different things, but one of our favorite memories happened all by accident…

We stumbled upon a Gingerbread Museum on Hiavin Strana just down from Prague Castle. This Gingerbread Museum was legit. You could smell the amazing aroma three (3) stores away. When approaching the Museum you could see the large window filled with towering displays of Gingerbread houses, people, toys and more. It brought back memories from my childhood peering into a candy store from the window on River Street in Savannah and watching the candy makers at work.

When we walk into the Museum, we were immediatly greeted by a baker behind a thick wooden oak counter that looked to have been over a hundred years old and in perfect condition. Just behind him sat stacked baskets with fresh gingerbread of all kinds. There were traditional gingerbread men/women, bares, cars, champagne bottles, dresses, candy canes, you name it the list could go on and on. I would venture to say there were over 75 different shapes to choose from and all of them were hand decorated by the baker.

I have never been one to like or even LOVE the taste of gingerbread, but you couldn’t help loving these because you could see all the love put into them. We started talking to the baker who spoke little english, he explained to us that this business had been in his family for generations and they were all bakers. He loved baking and decorating gingerbread, and he told us how much he loved it and how happy it made people.

After walking around the museum, we found a section of cookie cutters on a wall. We asked what the wall of cookies cutters ment as many of them looked very old. We were told those are all of the original cookie cutters used by the bakers and they are not for sale, just for show and they still use them to this day. There must have been over 150 different cookie cutters on this wall, it was a work of art to say the least.

Beginning to feel the hunger pains of our approaching dinner time we decided to buy a few things and be on our way. Well that was easier said than done. There were so many different things to try. Halie, my little sister, decided that we must have two (2) fresh gingerbread cookies, some gingerbread spice to bring home and a gingerbread ornament as a keep sake. I was hesitant to eat my gingerbread man as I have never been a fan of the gingerbread taste. But I have to tell you, I am forever changed after taking that first bit. This cookie was like nothing I have ever had. It was so mild in flavor, soft yet chewy at the same time…It was the PERFECT COOKIE!!

If you are ever in the area please stop by the Gingerbread Museum. You will not regret it. Make sure to get a fresh gingerbread cookie or four (4) to take with you when you leave!

Check out their website here: 


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