The Strahov Monastic Brewery

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is not your typical run of the mill beer joint. Monks make this stuff.. that right! This is Holy Beer and does it taste good! I am not much of a beer drinker, I never have been. But this was life changing and unlike any beer I have ever had.

The very first time I went to Prague, my family and I stumbled upon the Monastic Brewery and we were shocked to see Monks serving beer and to top it off the Christina Aguilera version of Moulin Rouge – Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya played in the background… That was enough to leave a lasting impression and then some!

So on my second trip back to Prague with my little sister we decided to hike up the 10 mile hill to reach the top of the summit where the ever so ancient monastery was to catch a glimpse of a monk and drink a holy beer made by a monk!  We called our quest, “The Monk Hunt of 2016”! Low and behold our adventure was successful after climbing 500 stairs to reach the top of Prague Castle, getting lost and asking for directions in a gypsy belly dancing den, after passing by one of the oldest Asenath bars in Prague advertising Asenath Cannabis ice cream (which we almost got, but thought maybe not before visiting the monks) and a lace shop where I spent way to much money.

At this monastery they have this insane library that was build back when Aristotle was living, and he studied there. It was incrusted with gold architecture, hand painted ceilings and the books had so much dust on them you know they had not been touched in over a century. I am not an avid reader like my little sister and even I wanted to go sneak into this library and play for a while!

It just so happened we left the library at the perfect time. Church was just letting out and Monks were everywhere. It was like we hit the jackpot! They were all wearing long brown robes with white rope around their waist line. It was like seeing 50 Friar Tucks all at once. We chased them around the compound for a while to work up our appetite and thirst as there are several restaurants on site serving traditional Czech food and Monastic Beer. Once the Monks caught onto us chasing them around the quickly disappeared into locked doors we couldn’t open…Go Figure. So we decided to find something yummy to eat. Once finding our seat at one of the three restaurants on site the first thing I did was order the largest beer that had and I was determined to drink all of it even if I didn’t like it to say that I had.

Well the good news was that it was AMAZING! I ordered the traditional Czech goulash and pale ale. It was a bit nippy outside which made the hot goulash which is a lot like beef stew extra yummy and the holy beer just brought the experience full circle.

If you ever get the change to go to Prague you must go to the Strahov Monastic Brewery and Library. It is something you will never forget and always love!


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