New York Cafe – Budapest

The New York Cafe in Budapest is connected to the Boscolo Hotel in downtown Budapest just a short 10 minute drive from the Train Station and a block from some of the most famous “Ruin Bars” that the city has to offer.

The New York Cafe is remarkable in more ways than one. The architecture alone is breath-taking with silk wallpaper, hand painted ceilings, marble from floor to ceiling and custom chandeliers that will blow your mind.

Here are a few fun facts that I learned about this remarkable Cafe during my stay in Budapest at the Boscolo Hotel…

  1. Casa Blanca the famous film was written in the New York Cafe!
  2. The cafe use to house underground gambling parties for the elite. They would host/hide these parties in the “basement” of the cafe – which is the lower floor and just as beautiful as the upper levels. The games would be held behind ornate doors made to look just like large mirrors to keep them hidden and secret from the public.
  3. The New York Cafe is known to be the most beautiful coffee-house cafe in the world to this day.
  4. The Cafe once was under the name Hungaria back in the 1850’s.
  5. During WWII the stunning cafe served as a storage unit. It help house bullets, bombs, equipment, guns and explosives…anything they needed to help fight the war.
  6. After the war ended the cafe served as a sporting goods store.
  7. In 2006, the New York Cafe was officially restored back to its former glory as apart of the Boscolo Hotel.
  8. Live music is played everyday at the cafe.

Each day my sister and I could see the lines of people gathering outside of the restaurant hoping to get a seat in the famous cafe. Some people waited over 2 hours in line to get a coveted table at the worlds most beautiful cafe. Those who stayed at the Boscolo Hotel always had a seat waiting on them, which was a great perk!

While in Budapest I stayed at the Boscolo Hotel. If you ever have to opportunity to go to Budapest, the Boscolo Hotel is the place to be. My room was on the third floor of the building, which offered great views of the city night life and a spectacular view of the crystal/gold encrusted lobby. Each room is outfitted with custom chandeliers, marble bathrooms that 16 people could fit into, two (2) walk in closets, a door bell, gorgeous windows and beds so soft you never want to leave. The staff was extremely profession at all times and breakfast was served every morning in the world-renowned New York Cafe!

The menu at this restaurant is exquisitely thought out and executed. But it is the desert menu and specialty drinks that really take it to the next level.

During my stay, I ate at the New York Cafe more than I care to actually admit. On my first day there, my sister and I decided we wanted to experience everything so , between the two of us, within 36 hours we ordered almost everything on the menu. Each meal was beautifully designed and throughout. Each dish had history behind it, and the waiters/waitresses were more than happy to tell you the inspiration behind the Chef’s decision to make the dish and why it is so important to have.

At dinner one night, we ordered a traditional hungarian desert called Sacher Cake. It was a sponge cake with bitter-sweet chocolate bark surrounding the outside of the desert with apricot glaze covering the top. When biting into this desert for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. The cake was sharp in flavor, sweet, savory and refreshing all at once. It is a must try, even for those who do not care for a fruity flavor.

Sacher Cake – traditional Hungarian desert

One of the best food experiences we had at the New York Cafe was the “Tea Party”. It came with tea or hot chocolate, a glass of champagne and a tower of desserts, biscuits, sandwiches and sweets. My sister and I stat there for two hours enjoying our “Tea Party” and savoring every bit/sip we took. I had the hot chocolate and champagne and my little sister had tea and I drank her champagne too! It was the perfect way to start off the relaxing day we had planned at the Boscolo Spa, which is a whole nother post of its own.


Each time we passed the restaurant or dinned in there was live music playing from a remarkable pianist to live bands and performers. It is truly a unique experience. You can feel the history in this cafe and can almost hear the walls whispering to you stories about the things it has seen, heard and been through.


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