How Travel Can Ruin You For Life…

Is it possible that traveling can ruin you life?
.:YES:. a thousand times yes!!

For those who have traveled…you know what I mean. For those who have yet to travel, you will soon find out once you take your first grand adventure!

I have been traveling the world since I was in Middle School. My very first trip was to South Africa with my family on safari for two months. It took us 36 hours to reach our destination and by the finally of the trip we had been on 15 flights, one of which was in a tiny plane where we almost hit a giraffe upon landing! It was a long and tedious process and it changed my life forever. To this day my dad will look at me and say, “I ruined ya’ll for life…” and the proceed to smile and let out a chuckle.

To date I have been to the following locations at least once – Italy though has stolen my heart and I have been 5 times. They have all been amazing in such different ways, I can’t wait for this list to grow further.

South Africa – Italy – England – Scotland – Costa Rica – Budapest – Spain – Bali – Prague – Vienna – France – Brussels – Amsterdam – South Korea  – Zimbabwe

I have learned several things in my travels that most would think is common sense, but you would be surprised sometimes… so here is a bit of knowledge from me to you!

  1. The experience alone will ignite a fire in your soul that will never burn out.
  2. Take it all in – Traveling can teach you more in a few days about the world than you could ever imagine.
  3. Allow yourself to become fully immersed in the culture where you might not do so at home.
  4. Travel with someone you want to share the memories with.
  5. Buy at least one thing in each place so that you can look back on it to remember your trip.
  6. Take Pictures – But remember, don’t get so caught up in taking pictures that you forget to actually experience what you are photographing.
  7. Always travel with snacks – you never know when you will get hungry or if you will even like the food you ordered in another language…
  8. Make sure you have an emergency aid kit with you with filled with: Benadryl, Bandages, Neosporin, mole skin (sounds gross but it’s not actually the skin of a mole), stomach aid, sleeping aid and Tylenol.
  9. Don’t stick with what is comfortable – do something unexpected, try new food, take a walk on the wild side a bit – you will be so happy you did!
  10. Final and best piece of advise – Buy a bottle of champagne and an assortment of treats, find a bench, park, beach, gondola, anything with a “view”…sit your butt down and watch the world go by while sipping on your champagne and eating your teats. It may end up being one of the most fun things you do!

Each place you visit will in grain itself into your soul – some more than others – but every place you visit, foreign or domestic there will be something that you love. The love for travel will stick with you for life and it will become apart of your life and something you can’t wait to do. It will ruin your life in the best way possible, simply because you will never look at the world the same again.

Where have you been too? What is your favorite thing to do when traveling??



  1. Evangelina07

    I guess I am completely ruined then. I have been to 74 countries and will add 3 new ones this year. If this is what “ruined”is, then I love it.
    I have a never ending urge to go out there and explore. It never stops.

    Liked by 1 person

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