While traipsing across Europe this past fall, my sister any I found this amazing Gelateria called, Amorino. They specialize in creating rose shaped cones with as many flavors as you can eat. The technique they have it quite unique and unlike anything I had seen in the states. So naturally, I was completely memorized by the concepts and could not wait to get my hands on one!

A few months ago, I was at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia walking around after dinner with a friend and found a small kiosk in the middle to the mall called, Amorino. I immediately freaked out and ran over to the display to see if it was the same company I fell in love with in Europe. Much to my surprise it was! The flavor options are more limited at this boutique Gelateria, but the technique, product and style are exactly the same.

Now those of you who have tasted gelato vs. ice cream know the difference. They use the fresh ingredients daily to make this exceptional gelato as it has a much shorter shelf life than American made ice cream. The intricate design and attention to detail makes the experience one you will soon not forget.



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