THE TRIFECTA is something my sisters and I live our lives by. It’s a way to keep things interesting, constantly changing and pushing us to do new things. When we decided to embrace this our lives quickly turned into one giant continuous {Cocktail} Party. The rules we live by are simple but effective…and we call it “THE TRIFECTA” because there is three rules and three of us! It took a little getting use to as I ONLY like even numbers but this has made me a fan of the number 3!

Rule #1: Try One New Thing A Week
Rule #2: Have One Adventure A Month
Rule #3: Do One Life Changing Thing A Year

Rule #1 Try One New Thing A Week forces you to sep out of your comfort zone and do things you would not normally do. This could be as simple as trying a new food, nail polish or visiting a park you have never been to before.

Rule #2 Have One Adventure A Month… go on a hike, see a waterfall, crush a car with a tank (yeah thats a real thing, they do that in North Georgia).

And Rule #3 Do One Life Changing Thing A Year. This one can be a bit more challenging than the first two that is why you have a year to accomplish it…Set a goal and achieve it, graduate from college, move to a new country, do something kind for someone anonymously (we are not in it for the glory).

If you decide to embrace this same philosophy then join in on the fun and tell us what you are doing!



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